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How can I help?

In emotionally stressful times, it can be hard to make sense of how talking can help. But being with a counsellor who is trained to listen and respond in a certain way can have a profound effect on how we deal with confusing and overwhelming emotions. Counselling is a way of thinking carefully about your problems, how they may have developed and how things can change, so that you can live your life in a different way.


Counselling is confidential. The relationship you build with your counsellor can give you a safe, reliable and non-judgemental space to begin talking about things more freely, which may be difficult to say elsewhere. Unspoken thoughts you previously managed alone can be shared with someone who is focussing only on you. This can be both transformative and a huge relief. It can enable you to look at your life, your patterns of behaviour and how you connect with others. Counselling means that difficulties can be thought about and unravelled without you being rejected or feeling that you are ‘wrong’.

My fees

  • Free 20 minute telephone consultation

  • £50 for each 50 minute session

  • Fees payable by cash, cheque or BACS transfer

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